Video Training Courses



How to Lead Your Breakthrough: 7 Steps to Become a Disruptive Leader

Learn to Create your own Opportunity and Lead your Breakthrough by Disrupting the world around you with these 7 steps.


Think Bigger to Create Your Team Breakthrough with Diversity

You will examine diversity through a more comprehensive perspective to create your breakthrough as an individual and organization.


Best Practices for Communicating with the C Suite

Wondering how to connect with executives in order to collaborate and create the disruptive innovation your organization needs?


Communicating Disruptively in Human Resources

How can you not only communicate effectively in HR but also create a disruptive innovation? Breakthrough by connecting, collaborating and creating shared meaning in the 9 most common…


Listening in Human Resources

Breakthrough the conflicts and failures in organizations by building 3D listening habits for the ultimate success in this world of rapid and radical change.


Building a Breakthrough Organization

In a rapidly and radically changing world, we must build breakthrough organizations with the ability to power past the competition. Using a high-performance metaphor in this course, you will you will learn the 7 steps (gears) to build an organization